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Sign in for Live

Microsoft-Cloud SkyDrive offers QVM-live-functions. Therefore you need an account at Microsoft SkyDrive.

First Login

At first you need to go to the live-page by tapping on Live on the starting screen of QVM. Then tap on login screen Login and enter your login credentials for Microsoft Skydrive and confirm the access permission:

After successful registration your user name and your sharing status of the QVM_data folder is displayed on SkyDrive. The sharing status allows you to share your documents. (Just me) means, you are not sharing your documents with anybody else, you are the only user with access permission look here.

Renewed login

After your first registration you will be logged in automatically while QVM is starting. It will shown you on the starting screen as follows:

You will be able to unsubscribe anytime. Therefore you only have to cklick on Logout at the live screen. For a renewed login with your user name and password, click on Login.

If you like to login with another account, tap on “… another MS-account …”

You only need to login with your Microsoft acount for using the live functions.

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